KickStarter has been around for a while as an innovation driver and community builder. For me, it’s become a go-to source for finding niche products to meet my particular purchasing habits. When looking for something specific, I’ll do the usual Google key word search and check out Amazon, YouTube and other sites. This year, my hunt for specific products kept leading me to KickStarter. This probably happened because the products I was looking for hadn’t gone mass market yet, and were in early pre-production runs before going for a wider launch.

This year I supported two really cool products launched with KickStarter campaigns that more than exceeded their funding goals. They are highly original concepts that are flawlessly executed.

The first: APEX Wallet 2.0 – The Lifetime Guaranteed, RFID-Proof Wallet. I just received this a few weeks ago and this tiny wallet is sleek, indestructible, and lightweight. It also holds a lot more than what I expected.

The second: minijam studio – portable music machines. This is a cool set of electronic music products for dirt cheap. I plan to have impromptu jam sessions with my son with this pocket-size kit that generates a disgusting amount of heavy bass sounds.

Check out the Kickstarter site – no doubt that you’ll find a campaign you’ll want to support.